Couch Tv 1.5 and beyond

Couch Tv 1.5 was submitted before the Christmas holiday and was reviewed and approved today. This is primarily a bug fix update with new features hopefully being completed soon.

Changes include:

  • Enable HLS streaming videos.
  • Increased SSDP discovery timeout to 6 seconds (it was at 3 seconds and I suspect some customer’s devices weren’t responding in that time span).
  • The play button on the remote can also now start video playback.
  • Video progress bar is now displayed accurately if the video was stopped before it was completed.


There are some new features I have been working on, but nothing concrete to announce to the world just yet :). This update also filters out non media server SSDP responses such as UPnP audio receivers.

Couch Tv 1.4 Bug fix and feature update

I just submitted Couch Tv v1.4 for Apple to review. The main UI has changed a bit to allow you to quickly switch between browsing videos on your server and playing videos that you have recently watched but not finished.

CouchTv Browse UI

Video of these new feature in action

The following bug fixes have also been included in this release:

  • Better DLNA server support during UDP discovery
  • Fixed an issue that prevents video playback if the video was missing certain metadata

To also make it easier to get ahold of me with problems or feedback, I have also added contact info twitter: @obsoft and email: in the “About” screen.


Thanks for reading

Privacy 1.1 is available for download

Privacy 1.1 has been approved and is now available for download.

Changes include:

  • Block Facebook tracking you on sites other than Facebook.
  • Background updating is now stable.
  • Added an option to manually refresh the block rules.